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Website design with conversion and DETAILED metrics

It seems these days everyone does Website Design. What most forget about designing a website is that it is more than a pretty brochure. A website needs to be easy to use, read and find. It must help people find what they need, guide them on what to do next and function as expected. On top of that, it needs to be properly built for it to be considered a quality website by search engines and get indexed right.

We’ve worked with small and large companies worldwide. Our website design services adjust to your needs, smartly. We’ll help you find the solution that provides the best results for your business and add what your target demographic is looking for. Are you ready for a bright digital future? Ods are, your competitors may certainly be, and if they aren’t you should be taking the lead now!

What are key elements of our Website Design services?

  • Compatible technology – can be viewed in the major web browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and yes, even Safari
  • Intuitive layout – People can find what they are looking for, fast and easy
  • Great web page content – In the web, content is king. It drives your ranking and makes the sales, we can also help you develop a proper information structure with marketable text
  • Visually appealing design – A design that will appeal to your clients and entice them to contact you, purchase from you and most importantly, trust you
  • Conversion methodology – Elements that motivate the users to take action beyond getting the information and leaving
  • Analytics to measure – Track every interaction and find out how to make your website work even better

At Cualli Ohtli we like to empower our clients. We’ll give you absolute control of your website, hosting and domain. We will manage your online presence and build success around it, however, we will give you an easy to use and maintain website with total control. We believe that by empowering our clients and giving them freedom we are building a relationship of trust and investing in your future success.

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